Raw Idea: Feedback Game

When I was in Orlando last week, I wanted to rent a vehicle to travel to Miami.  The manager of EZ Rental, Peggy Dawas was very helpful in helping me find the best deal.  She went above and beyond and provided excellent service.  I did not make any reservation beforehand and was very last minute; yet she got me a convertible for a very good price.

In order to show appreciation, I wanted to provide her feedback and thought about the issues about giving feedback.  The process is as the following:

1. Go online and find the link in their company’s page

2. Need to know the employee’s information

3. Some feedback have limited characters in place and some do not

It is a challenge and is lengthy to provide one simple feedback.  Of course, you can long into www.yelp.com to provide a review, but if you write a very bad review, how many smaller companies (like EZ Rental) actually look into that and make changes?

What if we can provide feedback while waiting in line, waiting for the customer service representative to get back to us or when they are filling out a form?  Even better, why don’t a company provide an incentive for customers to provide feedback?  Further calculations needs to be done to figure out a value that consumers are willing to spend their time writing the feedback.

From the corporate standpoint, how accurate will the feedback be?  One way to go about that is to look at the general trend throughout the day of everyone’s feedback; towards one individual or the store environment in general.  We can look into the keywords that are used though out the day to see if the feedback is consistent or not.

Then, how do we make it fun?  People enjoy games and love to compete.  What if we make rank individuals and provide additional scores, privileges and name for the top feedback providers?

How about location, does the consumer need to type down which store are they in every time?  That is very inconvenient.  Four Square does that.  Consumers who are willing to provide their location are able to provide us information as to which store they are reviewing, where and when.  If they do not have a Four Square account yet, we can look into tracking their location if the allow.

Any thoughts on this idea?  This is a very raw idea without much market analysis.  I will post a few others that has more research into it in the next few post.


One thought on “Raw Idea: Feedback Game

  1. Even a little bit of effort is too more than most people are wiling to give toward providing feedback. I think a game would help fuel growth but there needs to be a reason fo them to get started in the first place, some immediate reward, like a discount. Even then how many people go to the website on the back of receipts and do the survey? I think there is a definite market for feedback we just need to find the right motivation and that’s the hard part. Why do people edit Wikipedia? Maybe if we could show people the results of their feedback and show them that they actually made a difference we would get a lot more users. But that could backfire if they see nothing is being done about it.

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