Borrow Wifi from Neighbors

I moved to a new apartment last Monday and did not have internet. In my case here in Houston, it took me more than a week. Being at home without an internet is a pain; what made it worst is that I needed to pay a $50 installation fee and since I will be moving to another apartment in 3 months, I would need to pay another $50 installation fee then. This is a hassle, there are too many fees involved and is frustrating process.

Your neighbor who has been here for a few months has internet, so why can’t I borrow it?

1. When you sign a contract with your internet provider, you agree to not share their internet connection with others via open networks.
2. Connecting to a network without the owners permission is considered as hacking.
3. Wi-Fi sharing is tolerated by most ISPs worldwide as long as you don’t resell your Internet access

In an anonymous poll on, more than 62% of the people would just use their neighbor’s wifi.

People like me do not know about this law and is still doing this. It makes perfect sense why this is occurring because of the high cost of using internet. Imagine paying $50 a month on your internet, $700 – $800 a year including installation fees and taxes. What if you can save half of that? Of course there is an incentive to do it, but it is illegal.

So, two companies came up with a way to go about this.
1. FON
2. Whisher

The use point system where you share your internet with others. You share it for free here, you get it for free somewhere else. There is huge potential in this. So how about security? That is taken cared off as well. They create a private signal where your internet connection is encrypted and authenticated and cannot be accessed by anyone. The second signal is for other users who signed terms & conditions.

I started out looking for evidence to see if this idea is feasible but came across two great companies who are doing it already. In my opinion, they are great but there is still a lot of room for growth. How about combining gamification with this idea? How about providing the option for a Wi-Fi owner to allow others to send him email to request for access for a period of time? There are endless opportunities here..the BIG question is: are you excited enough to execute this idea?


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