How to Handle Criticism

Many people face the problem of handling criticism. No matter what the reason is, you need to cope with it and find a way to utilize the feedback. After reading this article, you’ll know the top two ways to handle criticism.

One way to handle this is to think about every feedback as an opportunity to improve. For instance, if your friend tells you that you are not a good listener, ask him/her to provide you a specific example of when you are not a good listener. Keep in mind that the additional benefits of thinking about feedback this way is to not feel defensive. Steve Jobs said it best; “If you live everyday as if it was your last, one day…it will be”. Having that in mind, you will want to live your life to the fullest..and the ability to receive criticism well will make you feel good.

Sometimes, little things like just not crossing your arms helps. You might not have thought about it but crossing your arms makes you feel defensive. You will be more prone to not accept criticism and might want to voice out your dissatisfaction to him, immediately. Being aware of this feeling is a great opportunity to know what to do. Sometimes, telling him that you appreciate his feedback, have to go now and will come back to learn more next time is great. Being aware of how you would feel is essential to access the situation and acting accordingly.

Practice makes perfect. When you follow through with the above steps, you’ll discover that receiving feedback is not that hard. With these tips in mind, you will now be able to effectively handle criticism.


3 thoughts on “How to Handle Criticism

  1. I totally love this article and you are so right about those techniques. Taking the feedback that way not only help us to grow but says the other they can not really bother us. Good.

  2. Thank you Miss Lego! You are right on. I really hope that people will be more receptive to feedback. We grow and learn with feedback and I do appreciate your feedback too 🙂

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