SOPA Bill, what??

Recently, there is a huge uproar about Godaddy supporting the SOPA bill.  What on earth is going on here and what is this SOPA bill that is causing all these issues?

Stop Online Privacy Act (SOPA) basically provides the entertainment industry the ability to censor sites they feel “engage in, enable or facilitate” infringement.  “This would also allow the U.S. government and private corporations to create a blacklist of censored websites, and cut many more off from their ad networks and payment providers. ” 

So, what happens if this bill gets approved?  Imagine this.  You created a website that drives A LOT OF traffic.  You scale it up, optimize it and let is run automatically.  Then, the U.S. government, for some reason blacklist your website.  In a couple of hours, the Attorney General cut off the website from search engines like the big guys, google.  Since you automate your website, you did not really realize this and BAMM….in 5 days, when you noticed it, it was too late to submit an appeal..

Gone..your website and all of its traffic, advertisement and all your efforts went down the drain.  Just like that.  That would suck..big time.

Thankfully, the big leaders and EVERYONE in the tech world does not like this.  They do not want this bill to be passed…Take Ben Huh (@benhuh), CEO of ICanHasCheezburger made a statement that he will move ALL OF HIS domain away from GoDaddy if GoDaddy supports SOPA (which they did initially, until 24 hours ago..I wonder what made them change their mind so fast..).  Maybe the 37,000 domain name that GoDaddy (a.k.a. GoneDaddy) or more than 70,000 that they lost this week made them think twice.

Apparently, SOPA bill has been passed but the tech world is fighting back.  We need everyone’s help to do this.

Join the fight: Stop American Censorship.

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